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Freedom of Information and open data: Complementary paths to improve local services

Local government organisations around the world are adapting day to day procedures and interactions with citizens due to new expectations and possibilities offered by modern technologies for communications. This briefing will identify three different, but complementary, strategies to modernise the relationship between local government and citizens using these technologies.


Access to elections: tackling disability

Evidence has been accumulating that many challenges and barriers are built into the electoral process for people experiencing disabilities. While some measures have been taken to address mobility and visual issues, those with learning difficulties or mental illness are facing particular obstacles that are not yet being addressed.

England & Wales

The decline of local newspapers – a decline in local democracy?

This briefing summarises the current state of local newspapers and its likely impact on local democracy, and will be interesting to local authority members and officers with responsibility for communities, the voluntary and community sector, policy and democratic services.


National Data Strategy and consultation

In September the UK Government launched the new UK National Data Strategy to build a ‘world-leading’ data economy and support the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The closing date for responses to its consultation to shape the principles of the strategy is 2 December 2020.

England & Wales, Scotland

Using pop up & temporary leases to reactivate local retail centres impacted by Covid-19

Trends in retail, such as the shift to online and the rise in ‘experience retail’, have had major implications for the role and overall economic health of traditional retail centres and high streets across Australia. While the impacts of the Covid-19 shutdown are yet to be fully understood, social distancing and lockdowns have had a…


C’llr Awards 2012: Online Councillor of the Year

...that provide a bit more information about each of the categories in this year’s Awards. As this very endeavour goes to show, blogs and other online media have increasingly become...

England & Wales Blog Post