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LGiU and MJ survey on the Local Finance Bill

Ruth Keeling reports on LGC (£) today that “Ministers and councils are in disagreement over who should bear the brunt of a 10% cut in spending when council tax benefits are localised next year”. This squabble is part of the wider debate over the Local Finance Bill – currently making its way through the Commons. Local…

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West Midlands Mayoral Election

This is our final briefing on the mayoral elections taking place on 4 May. It looks at the main issues in the campaigns, the manifestos and the potential role of the new mayors.

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Viewpoint: Space Standards, what’s in a word…?

Marc Vlessing, co-founder of Pocket, a private affordable house builder, expresses his concern about the government’s plan for new space standards, as part of a consultation on housing standards. The deadline for submissions to the consultation is 7th November

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Caught in the web: the perils and perks of the internet, a guide for local politicians

This briefing looks at some of the positive ways the internet has influenced local government in the UK and some of the ways in which it has a negative impact. It includes an overview of undesirable and criminal online behaviour and introduces some of the ways that regulation of internet safety is currently being discussed.

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Metropolitan Governance – A new trend in local public service reform

This briefing examines the issues around building metropolitan governance arrangements to underpin a strategic planning framework for Ireland, noting how the move towards metropolitan arrangements is now a common feature of local and regional public service reform across the OECD.


Central-Local – It’s good to talk

The National Audit Office (NAO) recently published “Central Government’s communications and engagement with local government”, a report on the effectiveness of central government’s communications with local government. The report found that communication is very challenging as a consequence of the organisational differences between central and local government. This difference brings significant risks of loss of focus and conflict between…

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The Big Venture Challenge

This is a guest post, written by Naomi Hirst, Unltd Ventures This time last year UnLtd launched a pilot programme for early-stage social entrepreneurs called the Big Venture Challenge. We filtered through 638 applications to find 25 of England’s most impressive social entrepreneurs  who were ready to grow their ventures, gain investment and increase their social…

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Councillor skills: reading for speed and retention

Miranda Smythe offers some key tips for getting through the huge amounts of reading material that is a councillor’s lot.

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A manifesto for councillors

This paper has been prepared for the Local Democracy Research Centre to stimulate debate about the future role of councillors – it will help to form the basis of future discussion forums. We welcome any responses.

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