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Back to school during Covid-19

As Scottish and Irish schools are consolidating lessons from returning to in-person teaching during a pandemic and English schools prepare to go back, Beth Lerner, an educator in the state school system in Tennessee, shares her experience of teaching in a country with rising Covid-19 cases – both as parent and teacher.

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Supporting the victims of domestic abuse during a pandemic

The necessary response to one public health crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, may be inadvertently creating a different one behind closed doors – a rise in domestic violence. Councils have a crucial role to play in maintaining domestic abuse services and support during this period.

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Guide to Crowdfunding for Local Authorities

LGiU, in partnership with Spacehive, have released a practical guide designed to help officers and councillors unpick the different types of crowdfunding, their uses within and outside local government, and contains practical tips for those who wish to give crowdfunding a try.

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Covid-19: Strategies to support mental health and wellbeing

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on all aspects of people’s lives, including mental and physical health. This briefing will help to support local authority members and staff to identify and share strategies that can be used to support communities and staff to manage their mental health and wellbeing.

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Interview with DCLG comms boss George Eykyn

...Shapps, who has 28,000 followers. Who writes DCLG’s tweets? Tweets are usually written by one or two members of the communications team. With over 25,500 followers, DCLG now attracts more...

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Brexit and employment

This briefing sets out potential implications and policy issues relating to Brexit and employment. It is structured in two broad areas: issues relating to the workforce and issues relating to the workplace.

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