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An intergenerational audit for the UK 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had major impacts on health and living standards. Whilst everyone has been affected to some degree, experiences have differed significantly between the generations. A new intergeneration audit assesses the impact of the pandemic on different age groups and examines the issues for policy makers.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland
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Rental assistance in Ireland

Initially seen as part of the welfare code, rental assistance has evolved to become a major component of social housing support – a development not without critics, as highlighted during the last general election. But perhaps now is a good time to look again at rental assistance and consider its possible contribution to housing policy in…


Levelling-up our communities – Kruger report

The Government is committed to levelling-up Britain’s left behind communities. The Prime Minister asked backbench Conservative MP Danny Kruger in June 2020 for proposals to sustain the levels of community spirit seen during the Covid-19 lockdown and this briefing is on his report ‘Levelling up our communities: proposals for a new social covenant’ (September 2020).

England & Wales
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The scale and impact of the economic crisis on young people’s labour market opportunities

The pandemic-related economic crisis is having a significant impact on unemployment, but particularly so for young people, who are 2.5 times more likely to be working in the sectors most affected. This briefing describes the challenges facing young people in employment, sets out how Scottish Government aims to address these challenges, and provides insight into…

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Stories of shielding

The first national lockdown earlier in the year meant many people were subject to shielding across the UK. What were their experiences of shielding? With the new English lockdown about to start and local lockdowns across the UK what are the lessons we can learn from their stories?

England & Wales, Scotland

International lessons from Melbourne’s 20-Minute Neighbourhoods

As the pandemic reduces travel and commuting and people look to their local areas to fulfil needs, the traditional structures of urban areas are called into question. Using case studies, this briefing examines the idea of the 20-minute neighbourhood.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa

Online Training: An Introduction to Transactional Analysis

This two-hour session has been developed for officers and members who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of communication. Built around the Parent – Adult – Child model, this is a useful programme for those who manage tricky conversations with colleagues and members of the public.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Amalgamations and de-amalgamations: Long-term lessons from Queensland

In 2008, amalgamations saw Queensland’s 157 municipal governments reduced in number to 73. In this briefing, Alex Gooding looks at the complex legacy of these processes, informed by recent conversations with a small group of current and former Queensland council CEOs.