Social Media Lunchtime Series: Presentations and information from online training

With social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, social media has become an absolutely vital channel for communicating with our communities and stakeholders. This course consists of three modules of one hour each which cover an introduction to using social media effectively, planning and managing your social media and using images and video effectively.

Below you’ll find downloads to the presentations and other information from the workshops that you have attended on social media lunchtime series.

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Workshop 1: An Introduction

The first workshop dealt with:

  • Introduce the different social media channels and how they can be used to listen to and communicate with communities and stakeholders.
  • Top tips for social media
  • Good practice examples.

Workshop 2: Planning your message

In session 2 we looked at:

  • Introduction to communications planning
  • Using social media to broadcast and signpost
  • Using social media to engage
  • Social media management tools and social media analysis.



Download the following:

Slides Social Media Online Mod3 Images & Video

Notes Using video and images effectively

Below is a link from Cllr Hensman, Braintree Council, who has kindly provided his experiences of using video for social media.

Cllr Andrew Hensman Experience of Using Video for Social Media

Workshop 3: Using Video and Images effectively

In session 3 we looked at:

  • Creating and using images
  • Creating video
  • Subtitles
  • Speaking and presenting for video.

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