Online training presentations and information: An introduction to tackling the Climate Emergency for Local Government

Even as we wrestle with the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains clear that climate change presents the greatest threat to both human and natural systems and the social and economic stability of human society. Despite limited progress at a national and international level, local government has been at the forefront of delivering changes that would meet the internationally recognised 1.5°C warming target. Within the UK, local government has had a strong track record of action on climate change with over half of local authorities now having declared a climate emergency and many set out detailed plans to achieve Net-Zero.

This workshop provides an introduction for both elected members and officers involved in developing responses to the climate emergency and an opportunity to share ideas and best practice.


Below you’ll find the presentation and additional information to download from the workshop that you attended on tackling the climate emergency.

Course Outline

The session looked at:

  • What is the climate emergency? A brief introduction to the science of climate change and its impacts.
  • Climate policy from global to local. Global and UK climate policy and how it impacts local government.
  • The local governance of Net-Zero. How local government is responding to the climate emergency.
  • Practical next steps. Key actions for responding to the climate emergency.

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