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Spotlight on New Zealand

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This week, we’re looking at New Zealand - or Aotearoa, the widely used Māori name for the country. Over the past few years, New Zealand has been raised as an example of better practice when it comes to wellbeing policy, quality of life and relationships with Indigenous communities. The pandemic leadership of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been widely lauded. But how well is local government working in New Zealand? And what are the relationships and tensions between central and local and civil society like? We’re highlighting a brand new backgrounder on Aotearoan local government and other recent briefings on New Zealand’s local governance.

As New Zealand defends its zero-Covid policies and pushes for vaccinations, we take a global look at vaccine uptake policies from local governments. We’re also giving you an exclusive look at inspirational stories from our member-only LGIU Australia Daily News service.

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This week's featured content

Evolution in New Zealand local government:
The rise of communities?

By Peter McKinlay, LGIU Associate

Why now? New Zealand local government is on the cusp of a third phase in its evolution, one which could either significantly reduce its role in the governance of its communities or see it becoming a world leader in the advancement of genuine local governance, through the enablement of a network of resilient communities. 

What are we covering? This publication examines the developing structures and roles of local governance in New Zealand, from the 19th century to the present day, and suggests that the country is in a new phase of development.

What's next? This backgrounder is the start of a series on New Zealand local government.The next briefing will explore New Zealand's "Wellbeing Budget" and its implications for local governance and communities.

LGIU Global Local Highlights


Improving vaccine and testing uptake: Global case studies 
Governments in New Zealand and Australia are among those globally trying to boost vaccine uptake. Throughout the pandemic, local and national governments worldwide have been working to improve education and equitable access to testing and vaccines for all communities. This blog is part of a series looking at pandemic best practices from across the globe.
Read the blog here.

From executive to ceremonial: Directly elected mayors in the United States, Australia and New Zealand
This briefing examines the issue of directly elected mayors to ascertain if a correlation exists between an elected political leader in a city and greater decision making capabilities for that location, looking at global examples. 
Read the briefing here.

Reform in New Zealand: A new emphasis on wellbeing
This policy briefing looks at the current shift in public policy in New Zealand towards a much greater emphasis on wellbeing as the purpose of government at all levels, with consideration towards other jurisdictions.
Read the briefing here.

On the record: New Zealand’s published briefings for incoming ministers
New Zealand government publishes briefings provided to incoming ministers by their departments. This briefing looks at how could usefully be adopted in Australia, offering valuable insights and other benefits for Australian governments and the broader community.
Read the briefing here.

Innovation & Inspiration: Australia

This week, we're featuring recent stories from the LGIU Australia Daily News. This hugely popular member-only service provides professional summaries of local government news in our four LGIU member countries. Want to learn more?
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Circular economy framework created by Victorian council

The City of Ballarat is looking to replace its linear “take-make-waste” system with a circular economy through the creation of the ‘Circular Ballarat Framework’. The framework looks to reduce waste while creating raw materials for manufacturing from rubbish collection. The council is looking to supplement the framework through three new initiatives, namely the subscription to an online marketplace for Ballarat businesses to buy and sell waste, a program to help 20 participating businesses examine their operations in a circular context, and a detailed regional materials flows analysis. 
City of Ballarat

$3 million to be invested in multicultural workforce by Queensland Government

Up to 1,000 migrants, refugees and international students will be supported by a new Queensland Government program to create a more diverse workforce. The government will invest $3 million to engage with culturally and linguistically diverse communities and workers to help them find jobs and build up their careers. Minister for Training Di Farmer said “we want to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind” as the Queensland economy manages the impacts of Covid-19. The Diverse Queensland Workforce program is part of the government’s $200 million Future Skills Fund. 
Queensland Government

Melbourne council aims to end LGA homelessness by 2023

The Frankston City Strategic Housing and Homelessness Alliance, a group of 14 local Frankston organisations, has launched an initiative to address an exponential increase in rough sleeping in the LGA. City of Frankston Mayor Kris Bolam said the Frankston Zero project would reorientate the local service system based on international best practice models to deliver a coordinated response for people experiencing homelessness. Frankston Zero will combine numerous services, such as health, mental health, legal services, addiction support and local government, in an effort to achieve functional zero homelessness for rough sleeping by 2023.
Frankston City Council

Three rural councils to trial Canadian solution to health workforce shortages

Three councils across north-western NSW will participate in a research project to address their long-standing GP shortages. Glen Innes Severn Council and Gwydir and Narrabri Shire Councils will partner with a research team to establish a health workforce recruiter and connector (HWRC) position in their respective LGAs. The HWRC will offer specialist support to newly recruited health workers and their families, to ensure they are settling in, making connections and thriving-in-place. The project, which has been named “Attract, Connect, Stay,” was inspired by a model first developed in the small town of Marathon in Ontario, Canada.
Australian Local Government Association

Interested in other LGIU Global content?

Podcast: Indigenous communities and local government

An amazing interview with City of Winnipeg Cllr Sherri Rollins about the importance of representation and how we all need to think like bosses for better democracy. Plus find out about the dirty tricks used to stop Chief Thunderwater’s local government reform mission.
Listen to the podcast here.

Global Local Community Champion: Nominations open for 2021 Cllr Awards

Nominations are flooding in for the 2021 LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards! This year, we are delighted to introduce a new Global Local Community Champion award category that is open to elected local government representatives from across the globe. Nominations can be made by anyone and are open until midnight on Friday 24 September. 
Make sure your council doesn’t miss out – nominate a councillor today

Event: Global Local Executive panels

Our Global Local Executive panels bring together senior executives from councils in different countries to share ideas, compare approaches and explore learning opportunities. In our latest panel on Community Wealth Building, CEOs from Scotland and Australia looked at how community wealth building initiatives can create a fairer, more sustainable economy and direct wealth back into local communities. LGIU members can watch the event recording here.

Coming up: Our next session will be on 21 October with a focus on housing and planning.

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