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Quarterly Round-up

Each week Global Local focuses on a different global topic, highlighting innovative content and insights from LGIU and our members around the world.

Our quarterly round-up edition of Global Local allows you to revisit your favourite topics – and gives our new readers a chance to catch up. Keep reading for a refresh on our top content from the past few months.

Over the last quarter, we've continued to provide a local perspective on headline topics, highlighting best practice case studies and fresh thinking and research. We’ve also explored some often-overlooked topics, showcasing innovation and inspiration.

Looking ahead for the year, we also have a number of topics we’d especially love to hear from you on. If you’d like the chance to share your organisation’s story on a global platform, check out our blog here for a guide to upcoming edition themes and how to get involved.

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In May, our team took a trip to Malmö, Sweden, for the ICLEI World Congress 2021-22: the Malmö Summit. We attended the global sustainability conference to report back to you with some of the featured themes and inspiring global best practices, culminating in a special edition you can catch up on here.

We also took a deeper dive into how local government can help communities deal with extreme heat; an increasing concern for areas around the world affected by climate change. This edition featured a piece by Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, discussing the work she is leading to understand and adapt to this challenge in a coordinated and equitable manner.

To celebrate Pride this year we put a spotlight on how municipalities can visibly welcome, support and celebrate their LGBTQIA+ communities, alongside a new bundle on showing our civic pride. This edition from June included a fantastic interview with Carl Austin-Behan, Manchester’s first openly gay Mayor and LGBTQ+ Adviser for the current Mayor, who gave advice on organising effective community-led Pride events and how to make LGBTQ+ issues visible in local government all year round:

"Make sure you’re doing it all year round and not just to bring money into the area. I think one thing for me is permanent visibility is permanent acceptance.”

We also took a look at policies to end rough sleeping, including housing first policies around the world and whether the ever-popular tiny houses or shipping container builds can be a helpful tool against homelessness.

There is perhaps no local issue that unifies political parties so much as the pothole. Road quality is a highly visible issue, affecting how residents feel about where they live and in turn how they vote in local elections. Our Global Local edition on maintaining local roads dug deeper into the politics of potholes with a light-hearted article, alongside a deeper look at addressing relevant infrastructural skills gaps and a link to the ‘Road Maintenance Simulator’; a video game to familiarise people with the issues in an engaging way.

Planning for coastal protection against erosion and other threats can be a big headache for coastal communities, so we highlighted different methods for envisioning and reducing risk, with emphasis on best practices with environmental co-benefits. Our featured piece questioned the consensus on protection at all costs, pointing to hard conversations on priorities being had in the US over managed retreat approaches.

Our most recent edition of Global local focused on deliberative democracy and citizen’s assemblies, drawing on case studies from Belgium and Ireland. We loved an inspiring twist on the idea from Japan, where these meetings combined with a futuristic role-play to help older generations empathise with younger people’s needs.

Combining our work with case studies from around the world, this edition on anchor institutions explored how local governments can intentionally use anchor approaches to collaborate, grow local productivity, and effectively achieve social outcomes and place-based wellbeing.

Poll results: what you told us

As part of our May edition on skills for councillors, we asked you to choose the top three skills you believe are most essential for councillors to thrive in their roles.

These top three most essential skills show the perceived value of supporting and learning from others in the council and community, expressing thoughts and policy clearly, and prioritising long-term thinking.

Collaboration and scrutiny were voted as the fourth and fifth most essential skills for councillors, followed by time management skills.

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Bundle: Showing our civic pride

In this bundle, we share our recent LGIU content on Pride and local government and how councils around the world are taking part, from celebration, preparation, profound sadness and commiseration, and finally continuation of the work to promote equality in the places where we live.
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