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Short-term rental boom

Short-term rentals and your community: essential guidance

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Short-term rental accommodation (STRA) has transformed the hospitality sector in the last decade but not without controversy. In particular, the furnished ‘Airbnb model’ has led to concerns over housing availability, especially in areas already used to heavy tourism. Increasingly, it has become difficult for local governments to cut to the facts and realise the impact STRAs have on people and places in their local area. 

From extra employment and investment to more memorable experiences for tourists, there’s a lot to love about STRAs. Yet as they don’t have to follow the same strict regulations as hostels or hotels, this has often created an unfair environment for competition, namely with inspections, zoning limits and occupancy taxes that favour short-term rentals. STRA platforms also keep their data private, limiting guidance for local policy. 

Local governments must walk a fine line between enforcing restrictions in some circumstances and embracing the benefits associated with STRAs in others. Our new Global Local In Brief reveals how you might manage that careful balance while paying due respect to the homes and livelihoods in your community. 

In Brief: featured content

Goldmine or Housing Catastrophe? The impacts of short-term tourist rentals

By Ivan Minguez Guillem, LGIU Associate

Several European capitals have explored solutions to mitigate such an impact in the last few years. This briefing reviews the experiences of municipal authorities that have attempted to regulate online platforms which promote short-term tourist rentals, with case studies in London, Dublin, Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Edinburgh. It explores how the situation has evolved after years of implementing these measures while also considering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the tourism sector.

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🔒 Housing affordability and the impacts of short-term rental accommodation

This briefing looks at short-term rental, how it is affecting local communities, and how state and local governments are responding. It looks at the regulations currently in place and the drivers for these regulations. it also considers international comparisons and potential regulatory frameworks available to monitor the impacts of STRA on the community. Subscribe to Global Local to read this briefing.

🔒 Control of short-term rentals in Ireland

This briefing is part of an LGIU series on the regulation of the short-term rental market in various jurisdictions. It examines the existing controls in the planning code in Ireland and new arrangements to improve compliance with these and to facilitate enforcement of the rules by planning authorities. Subscribe to Global Local to read this briefing.

Innovation & Inspiration

Curated case studies and news from around the globe

Australia: Cities Implement Variety Of Responses To Short-Stay Boom

The mayor for Eurobodalla Shire, a coastal town in New South Wales, has written to 7,500 homeowners who normally live in Canberra and Sydney, asking them to rent their homes to families in need. With nearly 50 families living in campgrounds, Mayor Matthew Hatcher is using a personal plea to take more homes out of holiday or ‘short-term rental’ status. Elsewhere in Australia (see here and here), many councils are imposing unique conditions, from Brisbane’s 50% hike on hosts who let their properties more than 60 days a year, to Noosa’s steep registration fee and Byron Bay’s 90-day cap on short-term rentals. 
ABC News

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Policy & Resources

Guide: Regulating Short-Term Rentals: A Guidebook For Equitable Policy Get a handle on how to acknowledge the competing interests of STRA stakeholders while also balancing claims fairly and considering wider public interests. This guide identifies key issues, references sample STRA ordinances around the US and shares the Sustainable Economies Law Center’s recommendations for best practices

Report: Regulating Short-Term Rentals Platform-Based Property Rentals In European Cities: The Policy Debates 
This longer report compares how public authorities in a number of European cities have attempted to regulate STRAs. Discover their implementation challenges, enforcement concerns and the policy lessons we can learn from them. 

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