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This week, we look at the COP27 conference and how local government can address the “knowing-doing gap” when helping to tackle climate change.

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COP27 was the 27th annual UN meeting (or "Conference of the Parties") on the climate. This year's conference was held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, with delegates from over 200 countries taking part alongside environmental groups, businesses, community organisations, think tanks, religious bodies and media outlets. COP27 saw countries focus on reducing emissions, adapting to climate change, biodiversity, and other pressing environmental topics. 

At the conference, there was a focus on protecting people from the immediate impacts of climate change. This included addressing the issue of climate reparations and the significant adaptation funding gap facing countries across the world, particularly those in the Global South. However, from accusations of greenwashing and segregation of protesters, to boycotts and human rights abuses, concerns have been raised about the conference’s ability to deliver impactful long-lasting change. While this remains to be seen, the persistent deficit in global action witnessed over the last two decades makes local action even more vital.

Local authorities and partner organisations across the world are working hard to not only tackle the climate emergency but protect communities from the impacts of the climate crisis and catalyse a just transition. 

In Brief: featured content

Local government addressing the knowing-doing gap: One year on from COP26

By Alice Creasy & Kim Fellows, LGIU

This blog highlights bold climate leadership that organisations can take to not only reduce their emissions but inspire change and improve ways of living that benefit both humans and the planet. It includes case studies on measures such as cutting business flights and implementing active travel, district heating systems and circular economies.

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LGIU Global Local Highlights

How can local governments engage communities on the climate? Insights from Involve

Local governments have a major role to play if we are to achieve net zero by 2050. This blog looks at a pioneering project to do just that – Involve’s Local Climate Engagement programme. We look at three ways to do public engagement on climate, rooted in our experience of doing this work across the UK for many years.

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Weathering the storm: climate change adaptation and local government

While reducing emissions and working toward other mitigations are important, adaptation must become a central part of local authority climate governance. Local governments are all about making places safe and prosperous, and with more extreme weather events in the future, new costs, consequences and opportunities will emerge.

This bundle brings together our recent briefings and publications on how councils are responding to and leading the adaptation agenda.

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Innovation & Inspiration

Curated case studies and news from around the globe

UK: Cornwall Council’s whole house retrofit

Cornwall is a rural local authority and, with over 97,000 solid wall properties and 133,000 homes off gas, its domestic properties make up 22% of its carbon footprint. Cornwall Council’s Whole House Retrofit Innovation (WHRI) project is a £4.2 million pilot scheme that will install energy efficiency improvements to council-owned homes. These improvements will significantly reduce emissions, heat loss and running costs and include: loft, external walls and under-floor insulations, solar panels, single-room ventilation and ground source heating.

Cornwall Housing

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Policy & Resources

Briefing: An introduction for new elected members to help tackle climate change
Designed to support the induction of new councillors, this briefing underlines the critical role elected members can play in addressing climate change.

Training: Global Covenant of Mayors Online Training Course
The Global Covenant of Mayors Online Training Course is designed for mayors, city sustainability officers, environmental policy advisors and city climate planning professionals.

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This week's Global Local bulletin, next week's In Brief

This week, we’re looking at the community welfare issues extraction-based communities face and how local government can support their regeneration and a just transition to new industries.

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