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Councils around the globe celebrate the festive season with lights, trees and visits from the jolly old elf himself. While not everyone celebrates Christmas, local government uses the opportunity to encourage community spirit, encourage charitable giving, local shopping for economic recovery and to share messages about everything from public health to sustainability.

In the Global Local spirit of sharing best practice, we gathered a few examples. From Santa's tour of Sydney, to Father Christmas's rescue from the Romsey town hall and so much more.  

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Every place is different – from the annual pardoning piglets by the mayor of Miami to the Cavalcade of Lights in Toronto originating in the celebration of a newly built city hall – local traditions are one of the things that make places and holidays special. From putting up the city lights, to organising parades, communications campaigns and gift giveaways, it’s the people who work for and represent these towns and cities that really make the place. Check out our collection of folks decking the town halls and spreading festive cheer around the globe.

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