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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 11 April 2024

In this new episode, co-hosts Simone and Freya discuss all things local elections and why they are so important. Dr Andrew Walker joins them to chat about the release of LGIU’s highly anticipated Ones to Watch guide for elections in England, which highlights some of the biggest battlegrounds to watch out for.

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 28 March 2024

The episode features a discussion with Dr. Andrew Walker and Dr. Greg Stride about the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre, along with news stories about reducing waste, addressing homelessness, and encouraging healthier modes of transport.

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 14 March 2024

In this episode of “What’s New at LGIU”, Simone and Freya discuss the launch of the annual Cllr Awards and share the latest news from local governments around the world.

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 29 February 2024

LGIU’s big story this week is the results of their 2024 State of Local Government Finance survey in England, with Dr Greg Stride from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre joining the podcast to discuss the surprising results and the wider response, as well as playing a game called ‘six degrees of local government’.

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 1 February 2024

In this episode of What’s New at LGIU podcast, hosts Simone and Freya discuss the annual survey into the state of local government finance in England, recent developments in the world of local government, and upcoming events and training opportunities.

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Podcast: The under-explored relationship between local government and dark tourism

In this episode, your host, Freya Millard, chats with Dr. Beth Heidelberg from Minnesota State University, Mankato, to discuss her very niche specialism exploring local government’s relationship with the dark tourism industry. Providing insightful case study analysis from her own field research of US dark tourism hotspots like Salem, Clear Lake, Holcombe and Amityville.

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Community assemblies and climate action

For this episode of the Global Local podcast, LGIU’s Freya Millard chats with Elke Weissmann and Belinda Tyrrell from the Edgehill University about their recent project on using citizen assemblies to address climate change on a local level.

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Happy birthday to Global Local! A year since we launched

The Global Local podcast has returned to celebrate the first birthday of Global Local in both its newsletter and podcast form. Host Ingrid Koehler and LGIU’s Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West come together to chat about this exciting milestone along with all the big plans that are in store for Global Local’s future.

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Global Local: [true] crime and local government

We bring you a two parter this time. The first half is a great interview with Bradford’s Heather Wilson on how they’re working to help young people avoid crime, with a second half borrowing from the true crime genre with a localgov whodunnit.

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