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What do we do when the economic and social infrastructure of a city collapses?

We have all watched those archaeological documentaries that find abandoned cities from the Mayan, Inca and other ancient societies that, apparently, imploded and left whole cities to be eaten up by the natural world. We discover these ancient, societal collapses when modern day archaeologists and historians unearth them and pontificate on the reasons for the…

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In Conversation with Ian Millen of Veterans Outreach Support

Veterans Outreach Support is a UK-based charity that since 2008 has provided welfare, wellbeing and mental health support to veterans and their families. Ian Millen, CEO at Veterans Outreach Support, chatted to Freya Millard from LGIU about the key challenges facing veterans re-entering society, the support needed for the families of ex-service personnel, and how…

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Sustainable waste management in Maroondah City Council

A sustainable approach to waste is an imperative for every local government. Find out how Maroondah City Council became the first Australian Council to supply municipal solid waste to the Maryvale Energy Energy from Waste facility in Victoria.

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All things Ireland: Bracing for November

Welcome to All Things Ireland, our new weekly overview from the LGIU Ireland Team. Our third edition summarises recent LGIU briefings, and brings you the most comprehensive breakdown of everything related to local government from the week so far.

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All things Scotland: Another Busy Week for Local Government

Our latest edition of All Things Scotland kickstarts your November with everything affecting local government from the  week so far. Highlights this week include a summary of what LGIU Scotland has been up to, the latest reports relevant to local government,  local government discussions in Holyrood.

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Active travel in Galway: Ireland’s first city centre school street

Galway City Council tells us all about active travel in the west of Ireland, including the story behind how they became the first Irish council to implement a ‘city centre school street’ to reduce car use and encourage more pedestrian or cycling modes of travel which can have huge mental and physical health benefits.

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Say Boo-nicipal! Local government at Halloween

Ingrid Koehler looks at some spooktacular local government efforts. From recounting tales of local ghosts to making sure kids stay safe, councils are at the heart of our community celebrations of Halloween.

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