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Cities are leading in efforts to advance workers’ rights

Guest bloggers LiJia Gong and Terri Gerstein outline their recent findings on how local governments in the US are supporting their own workforce and enforcing workers’ rights in their communities.

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Accessible housing: a global challenge for local authorities

The accessible housing challenge The increasing global interest in accessible housing has largely been driven by three factors. Firstly, all regions in the world are experiencing population ageing, with varying severity. In countries with life expectancies above 70 years, the average person will spend 8 years of their life living with a disability. Secondly, the…

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Summer reading inspiration from our Chief Exec

As a parting gift before leaving for holiday, LGIU’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Carr-West shares the list of books he is aspiring to read this summer, if he can find the time – and ideally, a hammock underneath an olive grove too!

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Happy birthday to Global Local! A year since we launched

The Global Local podcast has returned to celebrate the first birthday of Global Local in both its newsletter and podcast form. Host Ingrid Koehler and LGIU’s Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West come together to chat about this exciting milestone along with all the big plans that are in store for Global Local’s future.

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