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Book review: Urban Planning for Climate Change by Professor Barbara Norman

This article offers a review of Professor Barbara Norman’s latest book on urban planning for climate change, in particular highlighting how it provides extensive information on the institutional and governance issue surrounding how we address climate change, including specific actions local government can take in their communities.

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All Things Scotland – National Care Service bill on hold, but what is next?

In a week where we jumped from announcements on the National Care Service to debates on breaking up Scotland’s largest council, our latest edition of All Things Scotland brings you all the key reports and updates to keep you informed and connected on Scottish Local Government.

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Global Local: call for examples and case studies, March 2023

Our Global Local bulletin highlights local solutions to global challenges, with a different theme each week offering critical insights, policy suggestions and case studies. We love hearing what our subscribers are up to, and the successes and challenges they’ve experienced in policy or projects. As such, we’re looking for your insights on our upcoming editions.

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Equal recognition: 7 tips on pay negotiations for women

Women in the UK are less likely to ask for a pay-rise and less likely to be successful when they ask. According to a 2022 YouGov survey, 43% of men have asked for a pay-rise, compared to a third of women. Of these men, 31% were successful in receiving a salary increase, compared to just…

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