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How Local Government Can Save The World: Jonathan Carr-West’s ALGA Keynote

LGiU’s CEO Jonathan Carr-West gives a keynote address at the 2022 ALGA conference on how only local government can rebuild trust in democracy and meet the public policy challenges of the 21st century – but we need a global learning  network to do so

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Avoiding the edge

As the sector gathers this week for the LGA conference, Dr Jonathan Carr-West says it’s time to speak with a united voice on devolution and levelling up, and to focus on generating value and how we manage financial risk.

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ALGA’s 28th National General Assembly: Our summary

LGiU were pleased to have a presence at ALGA’s 28th National General Assembly, with our CEO giving a keynote address, and our colleagues running a stand and networking with the other delegates. This blog update covers our main takeaways from our time at conference.

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From snow that only melted yesterday: water management in Chicago

Introduction Taking its name from the Algonquin word ‘Shikaaka’ (meaning onion), Chicago covers an area of lakes, rivers and streams that was once (and in some parts still is) full of wild onion and garlic. Lake Michigan is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and was of huge importance to Native Americans…

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COSLA 2022 Presidency and its key role

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) will choose its new leadership team including the President on June 17th. COSLA President is a key role in Scottish public life and never more so than right now. The office is multifaceted due to its recent history, as this blog explains in detail.

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Creating connections: Stirling’s regional digital hubs

Digital connectivity is an increasingly important issue across the world. In this interview, we speak to Steve McDonald, service manager for economic growth culture, tourism and events at Stirling Council, about the Council’s innovative Regional Digital Hubs project.

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Showcasing Good Practice: Local Government climate change case studies

The Improvement Service has launched an interactive collection of Local Government climate change case studies. Judi Kilgallon explains the efforts to showcase how councils across Scotland are working to drive change

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