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Notwestminster – growing trust in local democracy 

A strong local democracy relies on good relationships. That’s why the theme of the Notwestminster 2023 local democracy event on 18th February is all about trust. Find out how to get involved.

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What will the National Care Service mean for local government in Scotland?

LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre is working with the University of Birmingham to investigate the potential impact of a new National Care Service in Scotland. The proposed centralisation of care in Scotland will have widespread implications for local authorities. In this blog, the Birmingham team explain the project, which will be launching very soon.

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Celebrating local heritage: Forth Bridges Trail

How can we best promote local heritage? Karen Strewart from Forth Bridges Area tells us about how a local government partnership results in new initiatives to highlight Scotland’s iconic Forth Bridges and the historic communities of North and South Queensferry. 

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A requiem to the Schools Bill in three parts – Part 2

This blog series explores the progress of the March 2022 Schools White Paper – several aspects of which require parliamentary legislation before implementation. This second post explores the details of the Bill and what might be salvaged during this parliamentary session.

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All things England: levelling up, settling up and parking up

From levelling up to parking up, our new briefing on refugees and asylum seekers and councils looking at ways to deal with tough housing challenges, All Things England takes a weekly look at the policy issues for local government

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All things England: your weekly roundup from LGIU

LGIU’s Peter Smith rounds up the policy news already making 2023 ‘interesting times’ with a special look at the perilous state of finance, cost of living, housing and much more.

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The political campaign starts now

In this blog, LGIU’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Carr-West talks about the looming General Election and why it means that we are unlikely to see radical progress in areas like social care, local government finance or devolution this year. 

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