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Craig Swift-McNair, GM of Woollahra Municipal Council – “there is no more complex business than a Council”

Responsible for implementing council decisions, strategic oversight, and the day-to-day operations and affairs of the council, the job of a General Manager is like no other. So with a hard hat in the Zoom background, this Q&A article with Craig Swift-McNair, General Manager of Woollahra Municipal Council, is the latest in LGIU’s leadership series.

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What is Northern Ireland’s system of local government?

Why is the system of local government in Northern Ireland one of the most unique in these islands? This short article answers this question by mapping out the evolution and incremental reforms, which led to the current system of 11 District Councils in Northern Ireland today.

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Where are the fat people in obesity policy?

Why doesn’t obesity policy seem to work? A fat person weighs in. This highly personal piece examines the complexity of weight interventions at the population and individual levels.

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How chief executives work with councillors

We spoke to council chief executives in Ireland, Scotland and Australia to find out what it takes forge a leadership team with councillors.

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How can councils help employees with IT issues?

How can councils help employees with IT issues? James Gallacher, ICT Manager tells us about West Dunbartonshire Council’s new Tech Desk for employees.

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Vulnerability and strength: islands on the front lines of the climate crisis

The situation that has unfolded on Rhodes in recent weeks highlights the vulnerability of islands across the world. Scarce resources and geographical isolation coupled with an increased vulnerability to the physical impacts of the climate crisis put small islands in a particularly challenging position.

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