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Best practice from Ireland – Guidance manual for Fingal community facilities

With 35 Community Centres and serving one of the fastest growing areas in Ireland, Fingal County Council looks to support the highest standards of facilities management and good governance in their community facilities while ensuring they are meeting the ever-changing needs of local communities.

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Climate change and health inequalities

Climate Change Project Manager Judi Kilgallon from the Improvement Service discusses their recent briefing with Public Health Scotland and Adaptation Scotland on how climate change can affect health and health inequalities in Scotland, both directly and indirectly. She highlights the impact on areas like housing and transport to access to goods and services.

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What if people really participated in local democracy?

As part of our LGIU@40 campaign we are asking fundamental questions about the future of local government. Here LGIU’s chief executive Jonathan Carr-West looks at the integral role of effective participation and how we can improve democratic engagement.

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Could electronic voting drive more effective participation?

As part of our LGIU@40 programme we are asking senior decision makers to ask the challenging questions about how we might do things differently in the next 40 years for local government. Ian Cowie, CEO of the City of Gosnells looks at online voting in this provocation piece.

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Interview with Oxfordshire County Council: pioneers in local climate action

Oxfordshire is standing out as a pioneering force in climate action. We chatted with the Corporate Director for Environment and Place, Bill Cotton and the Head of Climate Action, Sarah Gilbert, to share their insights with local government colleagues, near and far, who are keen to pick up the pace in adapting to a changing world.

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New connections for broadband affordability in South London

We’re all increasingly more reliant on digital services, but for some affordability is the biggest barrier. Anna Dent from Promising Trouble outlines the findings of new research on access and affordability and a project with two London boroughs to bridge the gap.

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What to expect from LGIU’s brand-new Voter ID research

In this article, Dr Greg Stride from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre summarises the findings from our latest report, The Impact of Voter ID: The Views of Administrators – funded by the JRSST-CT. 

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Basic Income: Trials and barriers

Basic Income is a radical idea with a long history and a lot of currency in a world confronting structural financial issues. Divorcing income from the requirement to work would impact the labour market and the welfare state. This case study article looks at the policy in detail and the implications it may hold.

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Birmingham blues: thoughts from an Irish onlooker

The view from Ireland looks bleak:  Dr Seán Ó’Riordáin gives his take on Birmingham City Council’s section 114 notice. He reflects on the perilous state of local government finance in the UK particularly in light of international research from LGIU

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