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LGIU special report: Ireland Local Elections 2024 part 2

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Part 2 of our special report explores the key issues and pledges made under the currently available party manifestos, and summarises developments in the Limerick mayoral election, valuable insights into the political landscape and the importance of addressing critical concerns for a more inclusive and secure Ireland. Read the briefing.

LGIU special report: Part 1

This first instalment of our special report examines key issues and challenges that have emerged during the campaign period, unpacks current candidate data and polling figures, and rounds up the available party manifestos. Read the briefing.

On Friday 7 June there are local elections taking place all over Ireland.

  • In 166 electoral areas across 31 local government authorities, 949 councillors will be elected.
  • Ireland’s first-ever directly elected Mayor will be elected in Limerick.

For the LGIU, local elections are the foundation of our democracy. Local government is embedded in the places where we live and work – the branch of government closest to the people. Local elections give voters a say in the decisions and services that most impact our everyday lives. Supporting the people who make local elections happen and who uphold our local democracy is at the heart of what the LGIU is about.

Find out exactly what councillors in Ireland do with this comprehensive guide from Meath County Council available here.

Analysis and commentary

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How Ireland's local government manifestos compare with the AILG manifesto

In this think piece, LGIU Ireland Commissioner Dr Seán Ó’Riordáin shares his perspective on the manifestos of various political parties released in the lead-up to the Irish local elections compared to the AILG manifesto. Read the article.

AILG Local Elections 2024 Manifesto – empowering local government in Ireland

The AILG has released its Local Election Manifesto 2024, outlining key priorities to enhance local governance and tackle community needs. This briefing examines the detail of the manifesto. Read the briefing.

Bettering local public services in Ireland

Dr Greg Stride examines the recent LGMA report on Irish local government services. The approach taken by LGMA – exploring residents’ perspectives – makes an important contribution to understanding the state of local government in Ireland in the run-up to the local elections. Read this article.

125 years of local administration in Ireland

As local elections loom in Ireland and the country marks 125 years of elected local government, Dr Seán Ó’Riordáin reflects on the realities of a much constrained and denuded system. Read the article.

Councillors’ perceptions of recent reforms and reconfigurations of local government In Ireland

The Local Government (Reform) Act 2014 brought significant changes to Ireland’s local government system. Ten years on, the Maynooth University – AILG study sheds light on elected councillors’ views of these reforms. This briefing summarises the study’s key findings, including councillors’ experiences and recommendations. Read this briefing.

Local Elections-Implications for local and regional government

Dr Greg Stride of the Local Democracy Research Centre at the LGIU and LGIU’s Ireland Commissioning Editor, Dr Seán O Riordáin, will contribute to this post-election workshop on 17 June, organised by the Irish Section of the Regional Studies Association. More information.

Running elections

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How Ireland’s local elections work

As Ireland prepares for its upcoming local elections, this article unpacks the Single Transferable Vote system in Ireland, highlighting both the system’s benefits for the Irish voter and its complexities particularly for electoral staff. Read the article.

Personal safety for councillors

This short guide offers some practical tips on assessing risk and adopting strategies and behaviours that will minimise any potential hazards you might identify as part of your councillor role and while you are out and about on the campaign trail. Read the guide.

Global Local: Electoral administration

This edition of our weekly bulletin explores the electoral process, funding electoral services and the challenges facing staff delivering this vital service. Global Local curates information and inspiration from local government around the world. Read the bulletin.

Participation, transparency and trust

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Record number of women set to contest Irish local elections 2024

This article, from See Her Elected, examines the current landscape for female local election candidates in Ireland and highlights how the See Her Elected initiative has created a gateway for women in rural Ireland into local politics. Read this article.

The changing dynamics of Irish local government: Addressing gender and diversity challenges

This briefing explores the main findings and recommendations from the AILG report on the 21st-Century Councillor as they relate to gender and diversity challenges in Irish local government. Read the briefing.

Unveiling the challenges of Councillor recruitment and retention

This briefing summarises the main discoveries and recommendations from the AILG “The 21st Century Councillor in Irish Local Government” report, shedding light on the challenges that hinder the retention of existing councillors and the recruitment of new candidates. Read the briefing.

See Her Elected and the campaign for equality in 2024 local elections and beyond

In this article published for International Women’s Day last year, Dr Michelle Maher of See Her Elected discusses how they are working to increase women’s participation in local government, especially ahead of the 2024 local elections. Read this article.

What it’s like being a city or county councillor in Ireland? The real story revealed

This briefing provides an overview of AILG’s research report, ‘The 21st Century Councillor in Irish Local Government’. It unpacks the key research findings of the report and delves into the realities of being a local authority member in Ireland today. Read the briefing.

125 years of local democracy: placing councillors at the heart of vibrant local government

In 2024, Ireland marks 125 years of continuous local democracy, but as Dr. Seán O Riordáin reflects, the role of councillor is hugely constrained and relatively underdeveloped compared to other European countries. Read this article.

Training for your new councillors

LGIU Training provides online training sessions that will help new councillors pick up the knowledge and skills that they will need to settle into the role. We can also work with you to develop and in-house training programme tailored to the needs of your council and councillors. Find out about our training for councillors and our in-house offer.


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