UK General Election 2024: resources for local government

This page contains LGIU resources that pertain to issues connected to the UK General Election on 4 July 2024.

A general election from the local perspective

National success has local foundations #localgov

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The manifestos and local government

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How the election is shaping up for the sector

This member-only briefing examines the key proposals from the UK political party manifestos impacting local government and their services ahead of the general election. Focus areas include devolution, education, social care, housing, and environmental reforms.

Top takeaways from the Labour manifesto launch

We look at the Labour manifesto following its launch on Thursday 13 June and consider where local government stands among the party’s pledges. Read the article.

Top takeaways from the Conservative manifesto launch

Following the Conservative party’s manifesto launch at Silverstone on Tuesday 11 June, we took a look at the proposals and what they suggest for local government. Read the article.

Top takeaways from the Liberal Democrats manifesto launch

The Liberal Democrats were the first of the three main UK political parties to release their manifesto. We’ve taken an initial look at what they are promising from a local government perspective. Read the article.

How do the UK General Election manifestos stack up against LGIU’s proposed reforms for local government?

The next government

What can we ascertain about how the local government landscape will look after the 4 July and what are the key challenges that a new Westminster government must urgently address?

What does a new UK government mean for local government?

This member-only paper explores what the Labour and Conservative parties have said over the past few months and since the election date was announced as we begin to work out what the post-election landscape will look like. Read this report.

100 days to save local government

This general election couldn’t come at a more critical time for councils. LGIU is calling on all parties and candidates in the upcoming 4 July UK general election to commit to saving local government, with reforms that can be implemented immediately. Read more.

The State of Local Government Finance in England 2024

A broken and unsustainable local government funding system is having serious consequences for the delivery of the services that we all rely on. The next government will not succeed unless it urgently addresses this situation. Read the report.

The state of local government finance in Scotland

We hear increasing warnings from our members across Scotland of worrying trends in council finances and in 2024 we ran our first local government finance survey in Scotland. This report explores the financial pressure that councils are facing. Read the report.

The State of the Locals 2024

This exclusive polling commissioned by LGIU before the English local elections in May 2024 explores public attitudes to both local and national government and perceptions about the state of public services. Find out more.

What role for local government in Scotland’s National Care Service?

Adult social care remains one of the biggest pressure points for local government and was dealt with lightly in two of the three main party manifestos. This report, in partnership with the University of Birmingham, speaks powerfully to council concerns, the relationship between local and national government and the need for organisational change. Read the report.

General Election 2024 – COSLA view on implications for local government

Councillor Steven Heddle, Vice President of COSLA outlines the organisation’s thoughts on what a new Westminster government could mean for councils in Scotland. Read this article

General Election 2024 – a personal perspective on what this means for public services in Scotland

Professor Richard Kerley offers his perspective from Scotland on the 2024 General Election and how devolved and local powers are being considered in the campaigns. Read this article.

Elections: behind the scenes

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What a general election means for administrators: our new research

What does a snap UK General Election mean for electoral administrators? Our new research (building on last year’s study of voter ID) will explore their experience of running back-to-back elections. Find out more.

Electoral administration: Case studies and resources for local government

Curated case studies and news from around the globe highlighting success stories of electoral practices and processes and the best and most practical guidance. Explore the case studies.

Rising levels of abuse towards electoral staff: A key threat to elections and democracy

Electoral staff play a crucial role in upholding democratic elections, but they are increasingly facing abuse and threats from voters. This LGIU member briefing explores the issue and its real-life consequences for electoral staff and democracy. Read the briefing.

The challenges of planning and running UK elections

In this article – written before the election date was known – Andrew Smith, Chair of the Association of Electoral Administrators provides some insights into the huge amounts of hard work going into getting things ready for the general election. Read the article.

Voter ID

Everywhere in England and Wales has had one go at running an election with voter ID – but this has been on a smaller scale than that of the general election. For Scotland this election is the first time voter ID will come into play. Our report examines the views of electoral administrators following the 2023 English local elections. A new survey and report will be produced following the general election. Read the report.

What happens at an election count?

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at an election count? This article summarises the process behind each election count, which guarantees the integrity of our democratic system. Read the article.

Participation, transparency and trust

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Global Local Executive Panel: Resetting relationships between levels of government

This panel discussion, 27 June, will explore the relationship between different levels of government and strategies for building effective participation and engagement between local government, central government and communities. Book a place.

My vote matters: make 2024 accessible voting year

Gáibhin McGranaghan, Spokesperson at My Vote My Voice, discusses the accessibility – or otherwise – of our democratic systems, the issues this causes for disabled people and what can be done. Read this article.

Personal safety for councillors

Many councillors will be hitting the campaign trail on behalf of their local parliamentary candidates. This short guide provides some practical tips on assessing risk and adopting strategies that will minimise any potential hazards. Find out more.

For a stronger local government

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