UK General Election 2024

National success has local foundations #localgov

LGIU is calling on all parties and candidates in the upcoming 4 July UK general election to commit to saving local government. The many pressures and challenges facing the next government – from housing to social care to record levels of public distrust – can only be tackled in partnership with a resilient, sustainable local government sector.  

It’s time to listen to those who know the sector best.

Our proposed reforms have been developed from a decade of solutions-focused research and in-depth consultation with leaders and chief executives in UK local government.

Many of them can be implemented within the first 100 days of a new government. All of them are proven to work.

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We call for a new covenant between central and local government, based on the core principles of parity of esteem, subsidiarity, embedded autonomy and participation.


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Our priorities

In the first hundred days the new government needs to deliver:

  • A commitment to work together in a collaborative manner and a recognition of local government’s democratic mandate.
  • An immediate end to competitive bid funding.
  • A return to multi-year financial settlements and reversion to needs-based funding mechanisms, aligning funding with responsibilities.
  • The creation of a standing forum to allow regular and guaranteed consultation between central and local government.
  • Early consultation on budgets.
  • Early consultation on any developing government policy that would affect local government competencies.
  • Agreement on trailblazer devolution deals and open them up to any areas that can deliver on the key tests of governance and accountability.

First 100 days to save local government: General Election 2024

The next government needs councils

Councils and councillors are vital to the wellbeing of local people and local areas. The next government will need to work with local government, drawing on the separate but equal democratic mandate of councils, if it is to have a hope of tackling the deep-seated problems facing the country today.

Below you will find more detail about our research and ideas for saving local government.

LGIU@40: For the Future of Local Government

Our manifesto sets out what we believe needs to happen to put local government on the right path for the next forty years. It is based on research the LGIU has undertaken over the last decade and on a programme of in-depth conversations with our members. Read the manifesto.

Fix local government finance

We know local government finance in England is broken, the next question is: how can we fix it? The LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre’s ongoing international comparison project is delivering ideas – proven to work in other countries – that can begin the urgent work of establishing firm foundations for a sustainable local government sector. Explore our work.

Local government can rebuild public trust

LGIU’s annual polling into public attitudes to national government, local government and public services makes for sobering reading as trust continues to fall and dissatisfaction with services rises. Local government is pivotal to establishing a new relationship between residents and the decisions that affect their everyday lives. Read the polling.

Supporting local government every day

LGIU exists to make local democracy around the world collectively stronger, through shared ideas, resources and connections. So local government is empowered to tackle the biggest challenges we’re all facing, today and in the future.

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