Elections 2024

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UK General Election 2024: resources for local government

What can we ascertain about how the local government landscape will look after the 4 July and what are the key challenges that a new Westminster government must urgently address? We have curated a page of resources for local government. Explore the selection.

UK General Election 2024

National success has local foundations and LGIU is calling on all parties and candidates in the upcoming 4 July UK general election to commit to saving local government. Find out more.

Local elections Ireland: 2024

Commentary, analysis and resources for the local elections in Ireland, 7 June 2024. Explore this page.

Local elections England: 2024

A one-stop shop of commentary and resources for the local elections in England, 2 May 2024. Explore this page.

Supporting local government every day

LGIU exists to make local democracy around the world collectively stronger, through shared ideas, resources and connections. So local government is empowered to tackle the biggest challenges we’re all facing, today and in the future. More about LGIU.

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