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Have you noticed anything different with our newsletters? Over the next couple of weeks we are introducing some changes in how we connect with our members. Of course the most obvious changes are visual, and we hope that you find the new layouts attractive and easy to use.

But the main changes are in how we deliver your member benefits to you, particularly the frequency. So first off, a hands up and an apology – we know that we sometimes send out quite a few updates.

We produce a lot of stuff – news roundups, in depth briefings, research reports, commentary, events and more – and we are always excited to make sure you get the benefit of everything. After all it is your membership.

We’ve been talking to our members a lot over the last few months and the upshot is that we are consolidating and streamlining our updates.

​​The LGIU has been supporting councils for almost 40 years now and we fully understand just how busy and fast-paced life in local government is – especially at the moment. Our purpose is to make sure that our local government colleagues are informed, engaged and connected.

We want you to have exactly what you need, when you need it, which is why we are making our updates more concise and digestible.

So what’s happening?

The new ‘Daily Digest’

Our Daily News and exclusive policy briefings for members are being combined each day into a single email! On Mondays, in the same email, you’ll also get a listing of all the briefings from the previous seven days. Plus we’ve made it easier for you to find and save our updates by introducing a newsletter library on our website.  There will be a few rare exceptions – when we send an extraordinary briefing – like at budget times.

…And finally

Look out every Friday for our new fun and light-hearted update, And Finally…, which will be full of entertaining local government stories, new blog posts and recommendations from LGIU staff of things to read, watch and do.

Manage your membership

The best way to make the most of all that the LGIU provides is to create a free account on our website. If you use your work email address then we will automatically set you up with a member account, if applicable, or a follower account if you are not a member. You can pick and choose emails and dive right into any policy briefing that you need.

And there’s more…

We recently launched our first LGIU individual subscription service, Global Local. We know that places are unique; but so many of the challenges faced by local governments are shared with their colleagues across countries and across continents. Each week we focus on a particular theme and bring you the most relevant projects, research and stories from across the globe.

If you are an LGIU member then Global Local is included as one of your member benefits.

Everyone else can subscribe to Global Local for less than $1 a week and get access to our Global briefings, archives and more.

Sign up with us and choose our Global Local subscription for a two-month free trial. Or sign up with us to get Global Local in brief


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