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More on bins and a positive take on council spending cuts

Here’s another short and sweet selection of stories that’ve been passed around the LGIU office today.

LGA slams minister for rubbish rhetoric – The spat continues. “We know none of you need any lessons from government ministers about the vital importance of regular waste and recycling collections… we are urging ministers strongly to ensure that future public comments on this issue are evidence based and based on constructive dialogue with the sector”, says Clyde Loakes, vice Chairman of LGA Environmental Board.

Andy Johnston has just blogged on the political tactics at the root of these stories, saying that there may be many most of these tussles to come as ideas n the future accountability on councils emerge.

Council spending cuts are set to drive Local Government innovation, say councillors The above ‘difficultly’ in local/central relations is highlighted in new research from Comres.

Rather than dwelling on the negatives though I think it’s worthwhile mentioning some of the more positive ideas to emerge in the survey –

  • 88% of councillors say they expect to see evidence of a willingness by local councils to consider more innovative ways of delivering services for less money
  • 51%, expect localism will ‘devolve real power to my council to get things done’
  • 84% say their council is open to new ways of employing technology in its service delivery
  • 72% expect their council to rely more on technology to deliver services

Strong leadership and communication are at the forefront of Norfolk’s change – a good read in the Guardian’s Local Government Network that discusses the importance of effective internal communications and employee engagement.

Good bit of hyperlocal information here. The excellent Ventnor Blog provides a round-up of anti-cuts meetings over the next week – a small idea but one with potentially huge influence for engaging people with local democracy.