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South Africa: the impact of lockdowns and Covid-19 on the very poorest

This case study is part of a Local Democracy Research Centre paper on global health inequalities. Read Still unequal: dealing with health inequalities through the pandemic and beyond The International Journal for Equity in Health published a paper Income-related health inequalities associated with the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa: A decomposition analysis in January 2021.…


Twelve briefings of Christmas

At LGIU, we are feeling the giving spirit this year and would like to showcase our most-popular briefings throughout 2021 with both members and followers. From 1st – 12th, you will find a new briefing every day in this virtual advent calendar. Access is only available for December – unless you’re a member of course.


Making the right connections

Over the past fortnight, all eyes have been on Glasgow for COP26. There’s a lot to process from the conference but one issue that stands out is how many different layers of action tackling climate change involves, Jonathan Carr-West, LGIU Chief Executive, elaborates further in this blog.

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Addressing the Housing Crisis: Global Local Executive Panel – Event summary

The final LGiU and VLGA global panel of 2021, Innovative Approaches to Addressing the Housing Crisis, brought together representatives from Cornwall Council in the UK, Cork City Council in Ireland, and Infrastructure Australia to explore the ways in which local governments can and are working to address the housing crisis.


Think piece – what is local authorities’ involvement in COP 26?

It is easy for local actors to get lost in the multitude of high profile talks and side events focusing on national and international strategies and targets. However, there is space for local authorities to play a hugely important part in global events including the COP series.

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COP26 and local government

The 26th United Nations Climate Change conference is due to be held in Glasgow, the UK. What will the themes discussed and outcomes reached mean for local government? Find coverage and resources here.