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Innovation in action: Wallyford Learning Campus

This article explores East Lothian Council’s Wallyford Learning Campus – a modern multi-purpose community space balancing state-of-the-art facilities with inspiration from the area’s natural environment. This case study unpacks the design, funding, features and community reception of the project, providing guidance for future developments by other councils.

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Addressing the challenges of rural education in the UK

This briefing examines the challenges facing local authorities in delivering quality education to young people in rural communities across the UK. It also proposes solutions to those challenges, with examples from a variety of different local authority areas.

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Social media essentials

Go step-by-step through the purpose of your content and how it connects with your audience before moving on to planning your content, the timing and the platforms you will use.

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Is it too difficult to reform social care?

This briefing from University of Birmingham researchers explores the difficulties of social care reform which evoke key issues such as the rebalancing of central and local government relations and new fiscal challenges. Using the metaphor of a social care ecosystem, it outlines how this can help us think about reform.


Economic wellbeing in the UK in 2024

This briefing draws on three recent reports on the economy and poverty in the UK. Focusing on economic wellbeing, it explores proposals for a new social contract under which the state, business, citizens and civil society all play a part in an economy and society that works for everyone.


Beyond the emergency: Overcoming housing problems in rural Scotland

Councils in rural and island areas of Scotland face major housing problems as well as the housing emergency that is affecting all areas of Scotland. What can be done to tackle hidden homelessness and provide residents with a wider range of affordable homes? A new briefing investigates.

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