Location: Northern Ireland



IFS Deaton Inequality Review: poverty and social welfare

This briefing covers ‘Living at the sharp end of socio-economic inequality: everyday experiences of poverty and social security receipt’, published in February 2023 as part of the ongoing IFS Deaton Inequality Review.


Arts Council in Northern Ireland

In this article, the Chair of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Liam Hannaway, emphasises the importance of investment in the arts and the risks posed by a continual under-funding of the arts in Northern Ireland, urging caution against further cuts.


Cabinet or committees: what is the best way of running local government?

With more councils in England switching from cabinet to committees, what is the best way of operating in local government? Why do some councils that reintroduced committees now favour a cabinet, and what about the Scottish council that changed its governance system three times since 2012? A new briefing explains.

Briefing With case study

Is 20 plenty? How councils are leading the drive for slower traffic

A growing number of UK roads are subject to 20mph speed limits. Welcomed by road safety campaigners (plus pedestrians and cyclists), they face opposition from motoring organisations and some politicians. So how do such schemes work, and what do they achieve besides weighty arguments?


UNISON’s Champions Day

The LGIU is proud to support UNISON’s Champions Day, which celebrates local government workers and all they do for communities and services. We hear from Sarah Pearce, Assistant National Officer at UNISON, who is leading their Champions Campaign, about how it all works and how you can get involved.