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LGIU special report: Local Government (Mayor of Limerick) Bill 2023

The Local Government (Mayor of Limerick) Bill 2023 was published on the 3rd of August 2023 and will come before the Dáil and Seanad in the autumn. This special report provides a summary and guidance on the key provisions of the legislation and what it will mean for Limerick City and County Council.


After dark – local government and the night-time economy

The night-time economy makes a key contribution to the UK economy and employment but has confronted numerous challenges including the changing nature of the high street, the pandemic and cost of living crisis. This briefing considers the role of local authorities in managing, regulating and supporting local night-time economies.


What is Northern Ireland’s system of local government?

Why is the system of local government in Northern Ireland one of the most unique in these islands? This short article answers this question by mapping out the evolution and incremental reforms, which led to the current system of 11 District Councils in Northern Ireland today.

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Think Tank Review: August 2023

This edition features reports on the role of small and medium sized enterprises in local economies; the economic impact of public sector relocations municipal finances; and affordable housing solutions. It also features publications covering the health and social benefits of greener neighbourhoods; financial inclusion/resilience; and the debate around whether social assistance programmes should provide cash…


How can councils help employees with IT issues?

How can councils help employees with IT issues? James Gallacher, ICT Manager tells us about West Dunbartonshire Council’s new Tech Desk for employees.

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At home in the high street: can shops and offices be successfully converted into housing?

Creating homes from non-domestic buildings has gained a poor reputation, with people forced to live in ‘micro’ flats and other poor-quality housing, but with the UK government proposing a further extension of permitted development, a new briefing investigates whether such conversions can work successfully.

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