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Oireachtas report: April 2021

This briefing provides a summary of Oireachtas activity in April, covering social housing, new personal injuries guidelines and private security services.


Being an effective councillor: making a difference and doing it your way

The right support as a councillor can make all the difference. That's why we're bringing you three evening online sessions that will help you consider your role and priorities, including the importance of facilitating community development, fixing resident issues, watching over council decision-making, and acting in your party group to promote your manifesto – to…

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What lessons can local government learn from Canada’s community-driven immigration programmes?

What can we learn from Canada’s migration programmes? Having been highlighted as one of the most welcoming countries in the world, they have used a range of approaches, including helping people settle rural and remote areas and and an intriguing municipal nomination scheme to ‘make it easier for communities to welcome the workers they need…

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Size matters! …or does it?

This briefing explores how the increasing heights of buildings in cities and towns in order to accommodate greater densities is generating much debate at the present time, and examines the regulations and guidelines in place to deal with this issue.


Oireachtas Review: March 2021

Oireachtas affairs at a glance March 2021. In the following round-up service, we examine the major legislation and announcements from the Oireachtas in March 2021.