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Ireland’s Budget 2022 impact on local government

In the Budget 2022, the Government of Ireland continued with its reconfiguration of national and local spending to provide a clear view on moving towards carbon neutrality.

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How can nature-based infrastructure provide solutions to flooding? A global look at adoption

In the coming decades, the impact of coastal, fluvial and pluvial flooding will significantly increase across many parts of the world, making effective flood risk management crucial. Nature-based flood measures are receiving increasing attention for their ability to not only provide the same protection as grey infrastructure but co-benefits including ecosystem conservation.


Developing an organisational culture to suit future operating models

At the heart of any major transformation programme are your organisation's values -- and the dynamic skills to translate those values into both service delivery and staff wellbeing. This training dives into management styles, individual skills, as well as practical guidance on shaping your organisation's culture and how to move forward with fewer barriers and…

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Shaping a just and fair transition: city centrism

This briefing will discuss how cities and city regions are emerging as popular scales for subnational investment and innovation, including but not limited to climate action.

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September Think Tank Review

Our think tank reviews cover the latest research and thought leadership from research institutions in the UK, Ireland and Australia.


Beyond efficiency in net zero housing: how councils can reduce embodied carbon

With the construction industry representing 38% of global emissions, change for the sector is a huge priority – and one local government will have a hand in achieving. Improving energy efficiency in homes is of great importance, but continuing to neglect embodied carbon would be a mistake.

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