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Goldmine or Housing Catastrophe? The impacts of short-term tourist rentals

This is the first of a series of briefings discussing the consequences of tourism on the economic and social development of towns and cities (both positive and negative) since the year 2017 – which was declared by the United Nations the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Briefing With case study
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The long road ahead: creating a safe and sustainable micromobility strategy

You might think of e-scooters when you hear ‘micromobility’, the term refers to a wide range of small vehicles, including bicycles. The global market for micromobility is predicted to grow by $800bn by 2030, including vehicle sales, services, and software and analytic opportunities. This member briefing explores the future potential and how to get there.


People and housing – Census 2022

The publication of the Census of Population 2022 – Preliminary Results revealed that Ireland’s population had 5 million for the first time in over 170 years. This has led to speculation that some Dáil constituencies might ‘benefit’ in terms of additional TDs, however, the big focus of the report was housing. This briefing reviews the…


Improving your memory skills and ability to read at speed

You may have heard of mnemonic devices before but have you ever created a mind map? Learn fun ways to train your brain to remember lots of information and understand specific techniques to improve your ability to process and absorb written information using different styles of reading techniques.