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The cost of producing housing: Recent findings considered

Following the Land Development Agency’s announcement earlier this year to purchase privately owned sites for delivering affordable housing, this briefing explores to what extent this can be done efficiently and at a reasonable cost. It includes insights from two recent reports into the cost of producing new housing.

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Think Tank Review: August 2023

This edition features reports on the role of small and medium sized enterprises in local economies; the economic impact of public sector relocations municipal finances; and affordable housing solutions. It also features publications covering the health and social benefits of greener neighbourhoods; financial inclusion/resilience; and the debate around whether social assistance programmes should provide cash…


How can councils help employees with IT issues?

How can councils help employees with IT issues? James Gallacher, ICT Manager tells us about West Dunbartonshire Council’s new Tech Desk for employees.

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Summer 2023 reading list from LGIU’s Chief Exec

As part of an annual tradition, LGIU’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Carr-West shares the list of books he is aspiring to read over his August holiday break – maybe you can find your next great read too, check it out!


Local Government and the Oireachtas: May-July 2023

In this member-exclusive round-up service, we examine the news from Ireland’s Parliament every month with a focus, as always, on legislation which impacts local government. This May-July edition covers a range of topics from the RTE financing controversy and the publication of the Government’s Summer Economic statement, to providing detail on new signed legislation.


Local Government Finance in Germany – different but equally challenged

This article explores how the recent work of LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre on the finance system in England and Germany, highlights the clear differences in structure, responsibility and self-financing capacity when compared to the system in Ireland, and points to challenges which will have a resonance with Irish Elected Members and Officials.