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Irelands Housing Needs Assessment 2023

This briefing reviews, in detail, the Ireland Housing Agency’s Summary of Social Housing Assessments report. Considering what the figures tell us about the nature of the demand for social housing in Ireland and how this has changed over the past decade.


Social media essentials

Go step-by-step through the purpose of your content and how it connects with your audience before moving on to planning your content, the timing and the platforms you will use.


Why did we partner with Smart Cities?

In this blog, LGIU’s Chief Operating Officer Heather Yedigaroff explains why LGIU has partnered with Smart Cities World to support the Cities Climate Action Summit, and highlights some of what’s happening within the LGIU network in this area.


Fingal County Council’s ‘3D/Virtual Reality Models of Public Realm Projects’

This article, as part of our series showcasing 2023 Chambers Ireland winners, explores Fingal County Council’s innovative 3D model web-viewer and VR experience revolutionising public consultation for public realm planning. This approach addresses challenges associated with traditional public consultation, fostering citizen engagement in shaping sustainable and inclusive spaces.

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LGIU special report: Ireland Local Elections 2024 part 2

This briefing, as part of our LGIU special report series on Ireland’s local elections, delves into the key issues and pledges made under the currently available party manifestos, and summarises developments in the Limerick mayoral election.