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Our gift to you to celebrate 2022!

Check out this year’s holiday gift to all from LGIU! We’ve showcased some of our favourite briefings of 2022 inspired by four jolly themes: health and happiness, connection and community, progress and prosperity, and self-care and balance.


Digging deep to honour mining heritage

When mines play out, as they inevitably do, a hole is often left not just in the ground, but in the heart of the community. We take a look at tourism that celebrates mining history and supports local economies.

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COP-26: One Year On – Global Local Executive Panel

On the 10th November 2022, the LGIU and VLGA held a panel to discuss COP-26: One Year On. Composed of Council Chief Executives from across the globe, this panel discussed all that has happened in the last twelve months and the ongoing implications for local government from the COP-26 discussions and resolutions.

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The challenges faced by extraction-based communities

This briefing explores the issues that affect extraction-based communities, both during the lifetime of the mine and post-closure, and the role that local government can play in ensuring the sustainability of the extractive industry. It considers the issue of sustainability and the role of legislation, regulation and policy which should be considered from the outset…


What it means to be an inclusive employer

This briefing considers a number of strategies that employers can adopt to address the current inequities and lack of transparency in workplace opportunities and salaries to ensure that workplaces are more inclusive. Key initiatives include anti-discrimination training, flexible and culturally inclusive leave arrangements, and job candidate compensation, among others.


An interview with Yourtoolkit.com – providing hope and solutions to hidden challenges through collaboration

Estimates suggest that 1 in 6 Australian women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence at the hands of a previous or current partner. This case study highlights the online resource Yourtoolkit.com providing comprehensive support and resources for those facing domestic violence, and the role that collaboration and governmental support has had in their growth and…

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Mad about Madison: a city hall visit in Wisconsin

Hannah Muirhead is our head of international operations and found both inspiration and common purpose on her city visit to Madison, Wisconsin in the US.  In my time at LGIU I’ve visited councils all over Ireland, Scotland, Australia, England and South Africa meeting with councillors and staff, exploring their policy priorities, and pulling out common…