Location: England & Wales


Where are this year’s local elections happening in England?

In the biggest year of elections on record, local elections in England have been labelled as ‘quiet’ – which seems quite contradictory because every single eligible person in the country has the opportunity to vote on May 2nd. Find out more here.


What is a Combined Authority?

Local government structure in England is a bit like an onion, with many layers, one of which is the combined authority. Want to know what a combined authority does and how many there are? Find out the answers.


What is the London Assembly?

Operating since 2000, but what does the London Assembly do? And what authority does it hold? Find out here as part of LGIU’s resources and support for local elections.


What is a Police and Crime Commissioner?

Are you wondering what a Police and Crime Commissioner does or where the PCC elections are being held this year? We’ve got the answers for you here as part of LGIU’s local election resources and support.


What happens at an election count?

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at an election count? In four simple steps, this blog summarises exactly how elections are held and the fundamental practice behind each election count which guarantees our democratic system’s integrity.


What is the point of local elections?

‘Why do local elections matter?’ is a question that comes up too often. Despite being an integral part of democracy, it’s not always clear exactly what your vote in a local election helps determine for you and your community. At LGIU, we’re here to add clarity as part of our local election support and coverage.


Social media essentials

Go step-by-step through the purpose of your content and how it connects with your audience before moving on to planning your content, the timing and the platforms you will use.


What is turnout? Why is it so low in local elections?

Local election turnout in the UK is lower than national elections, but what is it, and why is it low? Especially when local councils and councillors hold significant authority over critical services and amenities that communities rely on every day. LGIU provides a one-stop-shop for local elections coverage, analysis and support.