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The war on drugs: where are we now?

This briefing examines the background and current situation with drug use in our society, and looks at the role of local authorities, as custodians of public health and community leaders, in addressing various challenges presented by drug addiction in our local communities.

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Global Local Think Tank Review – September 2023

Our monthly Think Tank review highlights key findings from leading think tanks and research institutes across the globe. Topics this month include climate resilient housing, social attitudes towards climate action, youth engagement, childcare challenges, employability support schemes and digital inclusion.


Interview with Oxfordshire County Council: pioneers in local climate action

Oxfordshire is standing out as a pioneering force in climate action. We chatted with the Corporate Director for Environment and Place, Bill Cotton and the Head of Climate Action, Sarah Gilbert, to share their insights with local government colleagues, near and far, who are keen to pick up the pace in adapting to a changing world.

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After dark – local government and the night-time economy

The night-time economy makes a key contribution to the UK economy and employment but has confronted numerous challenges including the changing nature of the high street, the pandemic and cost of living crisis. This briefing considers the role of local authorities in managing, regulating and supporting local night-time economies.


Housing and planning round-up September 2023

Housebuilding is the big issue in this month’s housing and planning roundup, with government plans to relax rules on river pollution thwarted by the House of Lords. Other stories include homelessness in Scotland, concerns over concrete, regulation fees and onshore wind farms.


Councils on notice: does a section 114 mean bankruptcy for local government?

Last week Birmingham City Council issued a section 114 notice, joining a number of other authorities that have failed to balance their books over the past two years. With other authorities expected to follow this year and next, this article examines what it means for local government.


New connections for broadband affordability in South London

We’re all increasingly more reliant on digital services, but for some affordability is the biggest barrier. Anna Dent from Promising Trouble outlines the findings of new research on access and affordability and a project with two London boroughs to bridge the gap.


What to expect from LGIU’s brand-new Voter ID research

In this article, Dr Greg Stride from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre summarises the findings from our latest report, The Impact of Voter ID: The Views of Administrators – funded by the JRSST-CT.