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Our gift to you to celebrate 2022!

Check out this year’s holiday gift to all from LGIU! We’ve showcased some of our favourite briefings of 2022 inspired by four jolly themes: health and happiness, connection and community, progress and prosperity, and self-care and balance.


Digging deep to honour mining heritage

When mines play out, as they inevitably do, a hole is often left not just in the ground, but in the heart of the community. We take a look at tourism that celebrates mining history and supports local economies.


Education recovery: the National Tutoring Programme: On course for success?

In England, pupils are receiving extra tuition to catch up on learning missed when schools were closed during Covid-19. But what difference has this made so far? And is the national tutoring programme at risk due to funding issues? This new briefing looks at the full picture.


Shale fracking: a moment in the sun or banned forever?

Fracking policy recently re-emerged to provide a brief, yet critical moment in contemporary British politics. This briefing subsequently provides an overview of shale fracking in the UK and outlines exactly what this process is; how it is regulated; and its implications at both the national and local levels of its application.