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#localgov twitter lists

#localgov twitter listsWe’ve spent some time during the last week building up the LGIU’s following list and now that we are networked to over 1,300 profiles it’s quite clear that things need a bit of organisation.

We are therefore going to experiment over the festive period building some nice twitter lists.

So far, the plan is to create

– A list of all LGIU member councils

– A list of  councillors

– A list of VCOs

– A list of hyperlocal websites

– A list of think tanks

– A list of democracy thinkers

– A list of #localgov socialmedia/comms people

– and last but not necessarily least, a list of #localgov journalists and media organisations

If there are any lists that you would like to be added to please give us a nudge and we’ll get your stream on there.

*Part of the reason for doing follows a conversation I had recently with @noelito. He is a very effective user of twitter, however, he does not use lists nor feel they are worth the effort that it takes to build them. It is therefore my hope that this exercise can provide a mini-cast study in to the value of twitter lists. In the meantime, here’s quite a nice introduction to twitter lists from the excellent Mashable website.