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Local Health Network 2011

Local Health Network 2011

The coalition government is committed to a radical devolution of power: to communities, professionals and local government.

In healthcare, this approach will transform the way that services are provided. Local authorities will have new responsibilities to bring together health, social care and public health at the local level. All local agencies will be expected to contribute to reducing health inequalities. There will be real opportunities, but also significant challenges, for everyone involved.

Councils will be required to make rapid, informed decisions about strategic issues. The aim of the Local Health Network (LHN) is to prepare those affected for the changes happening in health provision and to plan for healthy local communities. LHN will build knowledge, facilitate workshops and spread learning through face to face meetings and through social media.

LHN will meet four times between April and December 2011 in London.Subject to demand, the meetings will be repeated in the North and the South West. The programme will be shaped by the participants; an initial programme is set out below.

Take part

Download more information about the Local Health Network. If you have any further queries or would like to take part in the network please contact Laurie Thraves, laurie.thraves@lgiu.org; tel: 020 7554 2800.