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LGiU Fortnightly – the LGiU podcast – is two years old and in those two years, we’ve brought you commentary and insight on local government as well as interviews with people who have something to say about local government. We’ve spoken to council leaders across the UK and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. We’ve also spoken to pub landlords about loneliness at Christmas and community activists in community orchards. We’ve talked about everything from local elections to climate change to local government finance.

We’re planning to be even bigger and better in 2020, but we need your help. If you’ve listened to LGiU Fortnightly over the past two years, we’d love to know what you think about it. You can let us know by taking a super quick survey.  You can also let us know what kind of stories you’d like to hear – we love your story ideas.

The latest from LGiU Fortnightly

Devo is back but what might it look like this time around? Jonathan and Andrew read the tea leaves. And I spoke with Luke Nicholls from SGS, our partner organisation in Australia, about local government’s role tackling the devastating recent bushfires.

We introduce our new LGiU Australia service, launching soon and start the shift towards a more international outlook right here on the podcast, bringing you stories of innovative practice from across our services in Ireland, Australia, Scotland and England & Wales. Including ambitious climate targets, study visits to improve child services, our guide to speed reading and the Innovation in Politics awards in Berlin.



Two weeks is a long time in politics

If you can’t get enough localgov, there are some other great podcasts you can enjoy between LGiU Fortnightly episodes.

In the UK

Collaborative Society – Collaborate’s Victor Adobowale talks to impressive people about collaboration and social change with interesting people like Lord Porter and Donna Hall. 

Let’s Talk About…  London Councils addresses issues of concern in the capital, but will also be of interest elsewhere like gambling and public health, county lines and the finance of children’s services. 

City Talks from Centre for Cities is a thoughtful podcast about with episodes on topics like evidence-based policy making in disadvantaged places.

Skylines from CityMetric has a slightly more internationalist take, but covers important issues in the UK like transport and what communities can do to address climate change.

Future Curious from Nesta isn’t specifically about local government, but episodes include topics like If prevention is better than cure, why does health research focus on the fix?

In the US

LocalGov Life is from ICMA – the International City Management Association and currently has a season dealing with ‘gnarly’ issues from human trafficking to strategic planning.

GovLove is from ELGL – Engaging Local Government Leaders – really gets into the weeds with some episodes with expert interviews on everything from providing childcare at public meetings to technology and public safety.

Open Space Radio is the Parks and Recs podcast – no, not the sitcom about city government – but the management of parks and public spaces. If you want to know about fireworks show management, glysophate bans and green burials, then this is the pod for you.

Pure entertainment

True crime meets real-life municipal management in The City. This is a slickly produced podcast investigated and hosted by journalist Robin Amer in a joint production from USA Today and podcast network Wondery. The first season focused on illegal dumping in Chicago and was absolutely riveting. The 2nd season >focuses on Reno, Nevada’s re-branding, civic renewal, strategic planning and what that means for strippers, worker safety and low-income housing.

I’m also really enjoying the Crimetown season 2 about Detroit’s mayors, policing and corruption from Gimlet media.  Scandal a deep dive into the culture of a city that many of are fascinated with and excellent production values, it’s compulsive listening.

Listen Fortnightly

The next edition of LGiU Fortnightly will be out soon we’re looking forward to delivering even more exciting audio content in 2019. You can find us on iTunesSoundcloud or search “LGiU Fortnightly” in your favourite podcast app.  Don’t forget to hit subscribe so you never miss an episode.


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