Funding systems for local government – international comparisons

The Local Democracy Research Centre has commissioned experts at the University of Northumbria, led by Dr Kevin Muldoon-Smith, to look at how local government is funded in England, Germany, Italy and Japan.

By exploring the different systems for funding local government and providing practical alternatives, we will drive forward the debate on local government funding. This unique system-wide perspective will be useful for practitioners, policymakers and academics seeking to understand the different ways local services are financed in democracies across the world.

If you wish to discuss the project, if you have any questions, or if you have suggestions about how the research can progress in a way that is helpful for you, please contact 

Image: alfexe via istock

A system wide perspective of local government finance in Germany

The limitations of local government finance in England: A system wide perspective

This first report from the international comparisons project is an essential assessment of how local government is financed in England, the historical context, the peculiarities of the system and the reasons it has come under sustained criticism. Read the full report.

Local government finance: a comparative study

This article is an introduction to this project and includes an overview of the funding systems in England, Germany, Italy and Japan. Read the full article.