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Lights out


You might not think Nelson’s Column, Southampton Civic Centre and Bristol Zoo have a great deal in common. Tomorrow night though, they will join 2000 cities and towns across the world switching their lights out for Earth Hour.

On March 28, at 8:30 p.m, iconic buildings, businesses and homes will be turning off their lights for one hour to raise awareness of climate change. Many councils are  taking part in Earth Hour 2009 by agreeing to turn off all non-essential lighting during the event.

It might sound too simple. But in a way that is the point. It really annoys me when I see office blocks and shopping centres with all the lights on at 9pm at night, can they really all still be busy working in there, does it really improve security?

If you’re planning to take part in Earth Hour, let us know how you will cope with the lights out. For instance, Bristol Zoo will stage a torch lit event to mark the occasion. My parents are coming round for dinner – hopefully they won’t mind a candlelit supper.