Lifetime Achievement

Life as a councillor is full of ups and downs – surprises, disappointments, achievements, learning curves. There’s never a dull day!

This award will celebrate a councillor who has dedicated many years (15 or more) to serve their local community through their role on the council, maintaining their passion and enthusiasm for improving the lives of their residents. It will recognise their positive and lasting contribution to their community through a long-term focus on a particular issue or the cumulative effect of many smaller projects, or both.

The winner of this award will demonstrate:

  • longevity of service;
  • that they have held positions of leadership or extra responsibility on the council during their time as a councillor;
  • a significant number of achievements over a period of years;
  • that they have led a number of important local government projects that have benefitted citizens.

Successful submissions should:

  • provide clear examples of work or projects they have carried out throughout their entire time in office;
  • provide evidence of lasting impacts and contributions they have made.

Post-humous nominations or nominations for recently-retired councillors will be accepted for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash