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LGiU Quarterly Snapshot


Photo Credit: SomeDriftwood via Compfight cc

Autumn is usually the time of year for back to school and a return to the hustle and bustle after the relative quiet and calm of the summer. This year however saw quite the opposite, a summer of upheaval and continued Brexit turmoil throughout Westminster meant many of us were left glued to the minute by minute coverage of the events of the day while attempting to analyse what it could mean for local government in the days, weeks and months ahead.

That’s where LGiU continues to have you covered. During the upcoming quarter at LGiU, we will continue to keep you up to date with the latest political developments across Westminster and beyond with our extensive briefings, publications and events programme. From Brexit planning to the latest devolution announcements from the Prime Minister, our team are covering all the bases.  We’ll ensure you are well equipped to face whatever comes our way.

We hope you’ll keep in touch with us during these exciting few months ahead as we navigate this new landscape together and look forward to seeing you at our autumn and winter activities.