LGIU online training for managers coming up in September

Coming up in September the LGIU has a range of courses for managers and officers.

We will be running workshops that look at how to carry all types of investigations that will be of interest to officers, and managers; developing political awareness that will be applicable to officers who engage with councillors; for managers, managing conflict at work and a workshop that looks at your hidden talents through psychometrics.


We can also develop a tailored in-house training programme for your council, please get in touch with our training manager to discuss your requirements.

Courses in September

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Investigations: truth and other lies
8 September 2022: 10:00-12:00

An enlightening entry-level session that will equip delegates to use predictable dialogue to their professional advantage when undertaking any manner of investigation.
Managing Conflict at Work (including post lockdown implications)
22 September 2022

This workshop is intended to develop an understanding of how conflicts arise and develop and what practical steps can be taken to resolve them quickly and confidently.
Developing Political Awareness and Sensitivity
28 September 2022

This online session is a chance for those new to working in a political environment with members to understand the respective roles and the skills needed. It is also a chance for more experienced officers to reflect on their experiences and add to their toolkit of approaches and skills.
Psychometrics: understanding your personality, traits and behaviours
30 September 2022

This workshop provides an insight into psychometric testing together with an opportunity to discover your hidden or unknown strengths.

LGIU training for managers

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If you are new or experienced in management, particularly in local government, you need to be politically astute, creative and apply strategic thinking to face current and future challenges.

LGIU has put together an extensive range of online training covering the essential skills for new managers starting off as well as sessions focused on how you can take management skills to the next level. For more senior managers, we also have a series of sessions focused on advancing your leadership skills.


We can also develop a tailored in-house training programme for your council, please get in touch with our training manager to discuss your requirements.

More online learning from LGIU

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