LGIU online training for councillors coming up in July

Before you head off for the summer holidays check out our range of online courses for councillors like you.

Next month we will be looking at how you can work effectively with officers and partners, managing your time effectively and your casework together with skills on improving your memory and speed reading.  Plus, understanding the implications of GDPR as Councillor and tackling disinformation both offline and online.  And if you are a councillor on scrutiny committees you may find our questioning skills session ideally suited for you.


We can also develop a tailored in-house training programme for your council, please get in touch with our training manager to discuss your requirements.

Courses in July

Working effectively with Officers: For Elected Members
6 July 2022

This online workshop is an opportunity for Members to develop their understanding of the relationship, the ways in which they can develop their own working relationships with officers and consider how their Council as a whole can move forward.
Questioning Skills for Scrutiny Members
13 July 2022

This programme has been developed for Councillors who want to develop their questioning skills, particularly relating to scrutiny.
Managing casework
14 July 2022

This programme has been developed for Councillors who are looking for tips and techniques which will help them to keep on top of their casework.
Tackling disinformation off and online
15 July 2022

This course will look at how you can mitigate the impact of disinformation online and offline, including considering the importance of facilitating community development; fixing resident issues; watching over council decision-making and acting in your party group to promote your manifesto.
Councillors and Data Protection: Safety First: The GDPR Challenge
18 July 2022

The ‘Councillors and Data Protection course’ takes participants through the legal framework. It highlights the importance of key issues such as consent to share data. It covers the Data Protection principles. It covers Freedom of Information and the importance of keeping data safe and secure.
Memory Skills and mind-mapping
21 July 2022

This is a highly interactive session that has been developed for Councillors and Officers who want to improve their ability to store and retain information.
Speed Reading and retention
21 July 2022

This is an essential course for Members who need to be able to read and summarise information from written text faster and more effectively. The seminar focuses on the different types of reading styles and encourages better retention of written material through the use of specific techniques.

LGIU training for councillors

We know that the weeks and months following an election can involve many learning curves for new councillors. The LGIU team has put together an extensive range of online training covering the essential skills councillors will need to hit the ground running and additional programmes focused on how you can take your skills to the next level and beyond.


We can also develop a tailored in-house training programme for your council, please get in touch with our training manager to discuss your requirements.

More online learning from LGIU

Book your next online training session now! We offer courses covering a wide range of topics for both officers and councillors. Visit our events page for a full listing.

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