Cllr Awards 2022: the rules

  • Nominations can be made by anyone: members of the public, councillors and council officers.
  • No self-nominations will be accepted.
  • The nominee must be a current councillor except for the Lifetime Achievement Award which can include nominations for recently retired or deceased councillors.
  • Only councillors from English and Welsh local authorities for the English & Welsh Awards. Only councillors from Scottish local authorities for the Awards in Scotland.
  • You can enter the same councillor into as many categories as you like (as long as they meet the criteria for that award), but you can only nominate the same councillor once per category.
  • You can nominate councillors from the same council under the same category.
  • Original nominations only.
  • For all awards, we will accept nominations for councillors from principal authorities only (i.e. district, county, unitary, metropolitan. NOT parish/town councillors).
  • Judges reserve the right to request additional information/evidence on any of the entries made.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • Evidence used in nominations must refer to recent activities by the councillor (roughly within the last two years).
  • If a member of the judging panel is shortlisted for an award, they will be replaced in the panel.

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