Information to share for RCV councils

Adapt and use the following text in your staff newsletters and on your intranet to let colleagues know about the LGIU Australia trial membership.

LGIU Australia is a nonprofit information service working to inform members by providing practical, up-to-the-minute intelligence on policy issues pertinent to local government in Australia via an international network of councils, associates, academics and other sector practitioners.

Working in partnership with Rural Councils Victoria, LGIU has opened up membership access to all members of RCV until August 31st. Benefiting from an economies of scale approach, this partnership enables all staff and councillors to sign-up and receive a full suite of resources, research and connections on Australia local government.

LGIU content is available to everybody at member councils and organisations and can be accessed through email or from the website by signing up.

LGIU member content includes:

  • Daily News bulletins summarising the key issues and top local government news stories across Australia;; 
  • Weekly policy briefings, reports and other guidance written by sector experts on the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in Australian local government; 
  • The Global Local Newsletter provides international insights on a different local government theme each week;
  • Participation in events such as the Global Local Executive Panels; Ask The Expert sessions;
  • Full access to an extensive online catalogue of Australian, UK and international local government content.
  • Sector leading research with projects spanning across the UK, Ireland and Australia. 
  • 25% discount on all LGIU Training, both our online courses, and in-house sessions. Contact our training team at [email protected] for more information, or head to

Hints and tips to get the most out of the LGIU:

Tips for website access (from the main navigation bar)

From the Resources drop-down click:

  • All topics to find published briefings, publications and research, sorted by topic, to help you in your role
  • All Briefings to access the entire briefings catalogue. Use the side bar to filter by country, topic or date
  • Collections to discover curated resources focused on a single issue
  • Case studies to explore all our resources that contain inspiring practice from councils around the world
  • Guidance to explore the implications and impact for local government of legislation and policies
  • Publications to find curated content such as Executive Panel writeups, COP27 resources, research centre outputs etc

From Comment click:

  • Articles to read our in-house and guest articles from local government practitioners in Australia and internationally
  • Interviews to connect with leaders communicating their vision, experts advocating for specific policies, and stakeholders sharing their experiences
  • Podcast to listen to LGIU’s fortnightly update
  • Think pieces for vibrant and dynamic discourse on local government issues