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Unveiling the challenges of councillor recruitment and retention

This briefing summarises the main discoveries and recommendations from the AILG “The 21st Century Councillor in Irish Local Government” report, shedding light on the challenges that hinder the retention of existing councillors and the recruitment of new candidates.

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LGIU special report: Ireland Local Elections 2024 Part 1

This briefing, as part of our LGIU special report series on Ireland’s local elections, delves into the key issues and challenges that have emerged during the campaign period, unpacks current candidate data and polling figures, and explores the currently available party manifestos.


Charities and the local government funding crisis

The financial fortunes of local government and the voluntary sector are intertwined. Relationships between councils and charities go beyond direct funding, ranging from landlord/tenant, commissioner/provider, or simply trusted partners. Three recent reports explore the risks to the voluntary sector of local government cutbacks and the implications for communities.

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Local authorities adapting to the new normal to improve food safety

This briefing emphasises the critical importance of food safety and the role of UK regulatory bodies and local authorities in up keeping public health measures. It discusses challenges such as funding, staffing, and adapting to new business models and inspection methods, highlighting the impact on food safety inspections and public health risks.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study