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Parliamentary update: February 2024

The purpose of this briefing is to provide a regular update on the progress of each piece of legislation through the Houses of Parliament that is of relevance to local authorities in England and Wales.

England & Wales
Members & Global Local

NIMBYs vs YIMBYs: can local government reconcile the great housing debate?

Housing is one of the most fraught issues on the political agenda everywhere. On either side of one contentious issue – building houses to meet growing population needs – is NIMBYs vs. YIMBYs (no/yes in my backyard). So what’s the answer? How do we reconcile two very different views at the local level? This briefing…

England & Wales, Global

Housing and planning round-up February 2024

Housing waiting lists are the big issue in this month’s housing and planning round-up, with the government proposing controversial changes ahead of the general election. Other stories include rough sleeping in London, homelessness in Scotland, brownfield development, regulatory changes and a new pledge over no-fault evictions.

England & Wales, Scotland

Community planning in Northern Ireland: Unfulfilled potential?

In 2015, local government in Northern Ireland was reformed, providing councils with new powers in community planning. This briefing explores the role played by community planning in the reformed local government system in Northern Ireland.

Ireland, Northern Ireland

Are we ‘Closing the Gap’ on Indigenous disadvantage?

This briefing examines the progress of the Closing the Gap initiative in addressing Indigenous disadvantage. Following two major reports, it evaluates current strategies’ effectiveness and identifies improvement areas to achieve better outcomes for Indigenous communities. The purpose is to promote awareness, discussion, and action on issues of Indigenous inequality and support efforts to address them.


Getting the best from your workforce: An introduction to recruitment and retention

The public sector is facing challenges with recruitment and retention of staff. This briefing answers some of the most FAQs around recruitment and retention processes to help readers determine where to focus their efforts internally while wrestling with these workforce challenges.

England & Wales, Scotland
Members & Global Local

Transforming children’s social care in the UK: An overview and comparison of approaches

This briefing discusses ongoing social care reforms in the UK, focusing on children’s social care. It considers the impact of being “looked after” and the reasons why children enter care. The briefing also notes the differences in policy, legislation, and definitions of looked after children in the UK and highlights the need for appropriate foster…

England & Wales, Scotland
Members & Global Local

Breaking the cycle: how local government can support the families of people in prison to reduce reoffending

This briefing discusses the issue of reoffending among released prisoners and the importance of family support in reducing recidivism. It also touches upon the challenges prisoners face in reintegrating into society after release and the role of local government and their partners in assisting in the rehabilitation of families impacted by imprisonment.


Revitalising Australia’s inner-city industrial land

The stock of inner-city industrial land in Australian cities is declining. This briefing looks at the recent work of the Greater London Authority (GLA) concerning industrial land and co-location, and considers how this type of guidance could be used in the Australian context.

Australia With case study